Zhuangning Cold Storage creates “city refrigerator”


Recently, the big news collection and publicity event themed “Discover Highlights in State-Owned Enterprises” enters Nanning Zhuangning Food Cold Storage Co., Ltd. (“Zhuangning Cold Storage”).

“Zhuangning Cold Storage is a large provider of multiple services such as freezer storage, market trading, business catering, e-commerce, and administration.” Said Lu Bin, Chairman and General Manager of the company. One of the highlights of the project was that the freezer storage was accommodated to the transaction market and cold-chain logistics management and safety check system were in place, which improved the efficiency and safety of outgoing and incoming goods. After a period of development, the project construction and operation had made achievements. Up to September 30 this year, the Production Service Center had settled 3 signed clients, the Zhuangning Cold Storage Building 34 signed clients, the Freezer Storage 70 signed clients using an area of 12,177 square meters, and the Frozen Foods Trade Market 49 signed clients stationed in 89 stores.

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