NNETDA striving for new breakthroughs in attracting foreign business and investment


Since this year, National Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area (NNETDA) has seriously referred to the business and investment targets made by Nanning Municipal Party Committee and Nanning Municipal People’s Government, and has vigorously implemented the “Breakthrough Year for Inviting Foreign Business and Investment” activity and made new breakthroughs by following the “Two Focuses, Two Promotes” (focus on business and investment invitation to promote industry upgrading and focus on projects to promote economic development) principle.

From January to October, projects such as AAC Technologies Nanning Industrial Park entered National Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area. The domestic capital out of Guangxi that was already in place reached 7,372 billion yuan, accounting for 89.9% of the year’s goal of 8.2 billion yuan; and foreign investment in actual use in total reached 72.5 million dollars, accounting for 83.33% of the year’s goal of 87 million dollars.

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