Hengxian County implements strategy of "Industry + Tourism" to build up new mode of eco-tourism


Hengxian County has implemented the strategy of "industry + tourism" to build up an industrial system with the jasmine flower brand as the lead. The tourism industry turns on a new look with more characteristics, vitality and charm, building up new mode of eco-tourism, and leading rapid development of tourism industry of the whole county.

Hengxian County and Ctrip Group have carried out strategic cooperation in building a comprehensive, three-dimensional tourism promotion system to promote tourism resources in Hengxian County to the world. At the same time, they also build up online flagship stores for tourism of Hengxian County. Apart from the online promotion through Ctrip website, social media and other channels, they also display and publicize tourism in offline stores, achieving online and offline linkage, so as to jointly promote Hengxian’s tourism, achieve win-win results for the two sides, and establish a new benchmark for county tourism brand.

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