Mashan County to hold E-Commerce Fair


On November 11, 2017 Guangxi E-Commerce Fair led by the Party to alleviate poverty — "I speak for my hometown" will be held in Mashan County.

It is learnt that on this fair, there will be performances of “Three Treasures of Mashan Culture”, namely Mashan Zhuang’s Drumming, Zhuang’s Tri-part Folk Song, and Zhuang’s Shoulder Pole Performance, and 7 spokesmen telling stories about their hometown, sharing entrepreneurial experience for poverty alleviation and speaking for agricultural products of hometowns on stage. In addition, black goat, honeysuckle, dry lotus root powder of Mashan County will be in “hourly flash sales”, so as to lead the purchasing boom of “Double 11 Shopping Festival” with super-low prices in limited time and limited quantity.

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