Promotion conference on investment attraction and poverty alleviation cooperation project held in Mashan County


The Promotion Conference on Investment Attraction and Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Project was held in Mashan County during the event period of 2017 China-ASEAN Mountain Marathon (Mashan station) and the 11th Mashan Culture and Tourism Food Festival.

On the occasion, 2 policy financing cooperation agreements and 11 cooperation agreements on investment projects were signed with an intentional investment of 6.086 billion yuan, covering sectors such as development of tourism resources, urban complex, recreational agriculture and featured farming.

Mashan County will seize the opportunities brought by the project construction of rock climbing town in future, continue deepening the “sports + poverty alleviation” mode, and take “sports + tourism” as a platform to increase farmer’s income and promote the integrative development of local industries as well as accelerate the undertakings of poverty alleviation.

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