Enterprises refusing to implement Safety Production Responsibility System may be included in "Blacklist"


It is learned from the State Administration of Work Safety on November 2 that the Office of the Work Safety Commission of the State Council recently issued the “Circular on Comprehensively Strengthening the Safety Production Responsibility System for All Staff of Enterprises”, stressing that the persons in charge of the enterprises who refuse to implement the responsibility system and cause serious consequences will be included in the "blacklist" of bad records.

According to the related personnel from the State Administration of Work Safety, the circular requires that the responsibility system should cover all the organizations and positions in enterprises. Enterprises should make a long-term public announcement of the system in proper place; improve safety production skills of all staff through education and training, and establish and improve education and training archives; establish and improve the management and examination system of safety production responsibility to manage and exam the implementation of the system.

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