Featured activities bring new vitality to Wuming’s tourism industry


The eight-day National Day holiday made Wuming District crowded again. The A-level scenery spots saw a 30,000-person-time of tourist, generating a profit of more than 1.6 million RMB.

As Mid-Autumn Festival fell within National Day this year, the scenic areas in Wuming all put great effort in planning themed activities. For example, at the 4A-level Yilingyan Cave, the tourist visited Zhuang Culture Grand Showplace, experienced the amazing bamboo dance and mountain folk song performance in antiphonal style, and tasted the delicious Zhuang food. The tourist flow in Yilingyan Cave during the holiday time reached 11.8 thousand people, generating a profit of 690 thousand RMB. Also, Flower World, another 4A-level in the district, attracted a considerable amount of tourist of 17,570-person-time, making a profit of 909,900 RMB.

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