Binyang County changes soft environmental construction into hard power


In recent years, Binyang County, adhering to the development concept of "changing soft environmental construction into hard power", has striven to create a "nanny-style" service environment in the development of real economy, providing protection for the steady growth of county economy.

In order to do a good job in serving enterprises, Binyang County has set up the Management Committee of Litang Industrial Park and relevant functional departments, with the secretary of county Party committee acting as the secretary of management committee and the head of County acting as the director of management committee, so as to achieve "zero distance" service.

According to statistics, at present, the park has introduced 200 enterprises, among which 49 are industrial enterprises above designated size, initially fostering advantageous industries like construction materials, wood processing and furniture manufacturing, grain and oil, fertilizer, and feed processing industry. Supporting facilities have also been continuously improved.

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