Sri Lanka and Cambodia to host promotion conferences respectively


According to the Investment and Promotion Department of CAEXPO and CABIS headquarters, the promotion conference by Sir Lanka and the commerce investment and tourism promotion conference by Cambodia will be held in Nanning on September 12 and 13 respectively.

Promotion Conference of Sir Lanka, themed as Sir Lanka, Infinite Commercial Opportunity, aims to response to the Belt and Road Initiative, seeking more breakthroughs for bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and China, providing commercial information like dominant industry, trade preferential policy, jewelry trade, coconut import and export and creative products, offering on-site consultation service for Chinese enterprises engaged in bilateral trade with Sri Lanka.

As for the commerce investment and tourism promotion conference held by Cambodia, Cambodian guests will respectively introduce “Cambodia’s commerce and finance”, “Cambodia’s industrial development plan” and “China’s strategy towards Cambodia tourist attraction”. Representatives from Cambodia’s Read-to-wear Manufacturing Enterprise Association will share their successful experience of investment in Cambodia with attended enterprises.

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