Hengxian County extends mulberry-planting industry to increase farmers’ income


In recent years, the Dahe Village in the Hengzhou Town of Hengxian County, led by Guangxi Huaxi Eco-agriculture Company Limited, developed a fruit industry demonstration zone with the mulberry industry as the breakthrough point, which provided its villagers with favorable economic benefits.

In 2016, Hengxian County developed Dahe Village into a new fruit industry demonstration zone, adopted the management pattern of enterprises + cooperatives + bases + farmers, introduced such mulberry varieties and advanced planting technologies from Taiwan Province and continuously upgraded its traditional mulberry industry chain to achieve new developments on mulberry industry efficiencies and mulberry farmers’ incomes.

Currently, the Dahe Village has launched such products as mulberry juice and mulberry wine, and more than 700 households are involved in mulberry planting with the planted area of 2,500 mu.

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