Financial sector encouraged to serve more to real economy


On the afternoon of July 11, Zhou Hongbo, mayor of Nanning, met with leading officials of sub-branches of the People's Bank of China including Wang Jingwu, head of People's Bank of China, Guangzhou Sub-Branch and leading officials of Nanning Central Sub-Branch, Haikou Central Sub-Branch and Shenzhen Central Sub-Branch. Two sides have exchanged views on financial supports for local economy.

Zhou Hongbo extended a warm welcome to these visiting officials and a gratitude to a long-term support for Nanning’s development from the bank. During the meeting, Zhou outlined the economic and social development of Nanning and welcomed a continuous support from the People's Bank of China and the financial sector.

Wang Jingwu thanked the city for its attention and support to the work of the People’s Bank of China. He said that they would cater to the demands of Nanning in its development, constantly improve financial services, and continue to optimize the financial environment, so as to provide more effective financial supports in speeding up economic and social development of Nanning.

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