Bid price of Binyang County's "Most Beautiful Grape" reaches 6,188 yuan


In the 2017 Grape Culture Festival held on July 8, 2017 in Heji Town, Binyang County, a bunch of “the most beautiful” grape was sold by auction with bid price of 6,188 yuan. The money raised from the auction will be donated to low income family to develop their industries.

In recent years, Heji Town has continued to develop grape industry, forming two grape industry belts, namely Ten-Li Grape Gallery of Zhiguang-Lingli Forest Farm Grape Base and Gaofeng-Pengcheng Standardized Grape Planting Base. Currently, the total grape planting area of the whole town has reached more than 5,000 mu, with the yield per mu of about 1,500 kilograms and annual output value of over 70 million yuan.

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