Yongning District actively serves enterprises to promote sustained and healthy economic development


It is learnt that serving enterprises well has become a key engine to promote the sustained and healthy economic development of Yongning District.

In terms of serving enterprises, the district has insisted on four key aspects: leaders on department level taking charge of key projects and serving key enterprises; observing and solving problems at front line; jointly promoting project construction application and service work; and improving examination and approval efficiency.

Yongning District’s elaborate serving for enterprises harvested outstanding achievements in 2017: from January to May of 2017, fixed-asset investment has achieved 4.98 billion yuan, increased 30.3%, and the total output value of industrial enterprises above designated size has achieved 1.26 billion yuan, increased 42.08%; from January to June, the accumulated fiscal revenue organized by the district has achieved 785.64 million yuan, increased 16.86% year on year.

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