Comprehensive Reform of Nanning City Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Recognized


On July 6, the Party Member and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, Xiao Zhongkai led a research group to Nanning City to conduct research on the comprehensive reform of the city’s supply and marketing cooperatives.

On that day, the research group went deep into Nanning Supply and Marketing E-commerce Company and Nanning North District Supply and Marketing Cooperative successively for on-site research. During the investigation, Xiao listened carefully to the introduction of relevant situation, asked about the operation and management, economic benefit and existing problems of the e-commerce outlets of the supply and marketing system, and carefully listened to the opinions and suggestions of cadres and workers from the grassroots supply and marketing system.

Xiao spoken highly of and fully recognized the support of Nanning Municipal Party Committee and Government to the construction of supply and marketing cooperatives, and the achievements made by Nanning City in comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives.

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