Wuming District develops new selenium-rich agriculture


A few days ago, Wuming District released the Implementation Program on Developing Selenium-rich Agriculture with this year's focus on the establishment of one selenium-rich rice base, one selenium-rich Orah base and one selenium-rich vegetable base with a total area of 5,000 mu, whose output of selenium-rich agricultural products would reach more than 5,000 tons with a total output value of more than RMB 100 million yuan.

In order to promote the selenium-rich agriculture smoothly, Wuming District's land departments conducted investigations on soil and selenium resources, and drew the distribution maps on high-quality selenium-rich soil and on high-quality natural selenium-rich agricultural products, and Wuming District's agricultural departments organized qualified professional institutions to draft selenium-rich industry plans and technical standards, and supported to develop those leading enterprises on the selenium-rich industry and to establish the industrial organization on selenium-rich agricultural products. In order to guarantee the continuous and healthy developments on the selenium-rich industry, Wuming District planned to assign no less than RMB 2.7 million yuan per year as special funds for the developments on the selenium-rich agriculture.

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