Wuming District invests RMB10 million to drive farmer entrepreneurship by "loan"


"I intend to expand the planting scale of citrus reiculata blanco this year, which requires an investment of about RMB300,000 or 400,000, but I’m lack of funds. Now I’ve successfully applied a loan from the human resources and social security department, which solved the problem for me," said the 31-year-old villager, Huang Fu, from Heqi Village in Chengxiang Town, Wuming District, with delight. A few days ago, he successfully applied an "emergency" loan.

In order to solve the capital shortage problem of small and micro enterprises, this year, Wuming District has invested RMB10 million to support the projects of migrant workers who return home to run business, which provides business start-up loans for a large number of rural entrepreneurs as financial aid in their early days.

According to the policy document, eligible returned migrant workers can apply for a government subsidy loan of up to RMB100,000 for a two-year period. Since the implementation of this policy in 2016, it has got a positive response. In 2016, a total of RMB13.54 million was invested by the district to support returned migrant workers to run business, benefiting 147 people. With the support of the government, the entrepreneurial path of migrant workers becomes wider and wider. This year, a total of 108 entrepreneurs successfully applied the loan. Among them, 42% are young entrepreneurs and 11% are college students. The entrepreneurial vitality in rural areas has been widely promoted and the entrepreneurial abilities of the farmers have been further stimulated.

In addition to the secured start-up loans for migrant workers, the human resources and social security department of the district has also introduced a series of policies to provide a full range of support and services in venues, projects, trainings and other aspects, so as to do their best to support migrant workers to run business.

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