Wangling Town’s carrots selected in list of National New Famous and Special Agricultural Products


On December 12, carrots planted at Donghu Farm in Wangling Town, Binyang County was successfully selected in the name list of 2017 National New Famous and Special Agricultural Products released by the Quality Agricultural Products Development and Service Center of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In recent years, Donghu Farm in Wangling Town, focusing on industrial restructuring, has taken the development of carrots as a pillar industry for increasing farm workers’ income. The farm has issued a number of initiatives to further promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side to encourage and support the farm workers to develop carrot production in large areas, in order to promote the revitalization of the farm, boom the industry, and increase workers’ income in multiple ways.

Through the implementation of drop irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and other innocuous planting management mode, the carrots planted by the farm, featuring the advantages of big size, high quality and high yield, and meeting the target of green, environmental protection and ecology, have been awarded the title of “one village and one product” of the autonomous region in 2011. After years of updating and improvement, the scale of carrot planting continues to grow and expand. The inclusion in the name list of the National New Famous and Special Agricultural Products will play a positive and protective role in promoting farm carrot brand, variety enhancement and quality improvement.

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