All 90 sugar enterprises in Guangxi receive new contamination emission permits


As learned from the Department of Environmental Protection of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on December 17th, with the accomplishment of the last piece of emission certificate, 90 qualified sugar companies in Guangxi have all received the new contamination emission permits before the 2017-2018 sugar crop operation period, which was 30 days earlier than the national requirements of the completion. It means that the sugar enterprises in Guangxi have entered a new stage of "certificate of pollution discharge, the evidence of the supervision".

In October this year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a technical specification for the approval and issuance of a sewage permit for the sugar industry. Department of Environmental Protection of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region held the region's sewage permit system promotion meeting immediately and selected 16 sugar enterprises as the first batch of pilot spots to lead reporting work and promote the corresponding experience to the whole region in accordance with the concepts of “comprehensive training, on-site reporting, zoning guidance, pilot spots”. For enterprises with insufficient technologies, the autonomous region gathered all the technical force to guide the reporting work. At present, Guangxi has successfully completed the pilot task of emission permit management in sugar industry issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and laid a solid foundation for Guangxi's crushing season this year.

Sugar manufacturing is a pillar industry in Guangxi. Both sugarcane planting area and sugar consuming amount account for more than 65% of the total output of the country and Guangxi plays a dominant role in domestic sugar industry and sugar market. In recent years, Guangxi sugar industry has been accelerating technological innovation, deepening energy saving and emission reduction, speeding up the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, and gradually formed a circular economy industrial chain dominated by bagasse, molasses and filter mud. It has become a model of domestic sugar industry's circular economy.

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