Nanning Downtown Union Financial Plaza Branch goes into operation


On December 17th, the Rural Credit Union of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region officially put the new office building at the Financial Plaza into use. The Rural Credit Union of Nanning (hereinafter referred to as "Nanning Downtown Union") located on the first and second floors of the Financial Plaza opened on the same day, acted as the sixty-fourth business outlets of Nanning Downtown Union.

The financial plaza branch was the first attempt of the business outlets to build intelligent banks. It is a boutique site with large scale and unique characteristic which Nanning Downtown Union will focus on forging in the future. We were informed at the spot that the financial plaza branch has two floors with a total area of 3,500 square meters. It is not only equipped with traditional cash area, financial district, VIP room, self-service banking service area, but also wealth centers, loan centers, credit card centers and other functional centers. The design of the civilian service area is very humanized, including the public education area, the mother and baby room, the book bar, the teahouse, the multimedia video studio and so on.

The financial branch is functional, elaborate and technological, and citizens can experience the “Internet+ ” lifestyle here. A card-sender machine is equipped in the spot to help meet the self-service demand. Multi-media tea table, interactive display screen and other intelligent interactive equipment are all set up so that the public can query all kinds of information.

The most eye-catching place of the Nanning Downtown Union Financial Plaza Branch is the agricultural exhibition area on the second floor, gathering all the special agricultural products throughout Guangxi, including the bananas of Tanluo Town, the Shatian Pomelo of Rongxian County... Besides watching the exhibition, citizens can taste the food for free.

The service spots of Guangxi Rural Credit Union are all over the villages and towns in the whole area to help the villagers sell out the special agricultural products. And the quality of these special agricultural products is guaranteed. Customers can place an order in the online agricultural store through the official WeChat account of Guangxi Rural Credit Union. They can also order the products by scanning the code in the agricultural mall, which is on the second floor of the branch and enjoy the delivery service.

The official of Nanning Downtown Union said that Nanning Downtown Union would play a leading role in the reform and development of the rural credit system under the guidance of the autonomous region and deliver the best financial services of the rural credit cooperatives to each customer.

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