Industries of Daqiao Town in Binyang County Enrich Farmers and Drive Development


Daqiao Town in Binyang County vigorously develops the first industry with the basis of traditional Chinese medicine cultivation. This year, it has introduced enterprises to construct the poverty alleviation industry demonstration base for poverty stricken villages of Chinese herbal medicine cultivation of the village committee of Liulong Village, guiding Chinese herbal medicine planting and processing cooperatives to develop Chinese herbal medicine cultivation. Right now, it has transferred over 800 mu of land to plant curcuma zedoary, polygonum multiflorum, asparagus fern, etc. It has vigorously promoted the secondary industry with the focus on processing of traditional Chinese herbal incense, making use of the advantages of Daqiao Town’s advanced incense industry, and introducing the project of incense manufacturing for traditional Chinese medicine health of Guangxi Fachang Incense and the Chinese medicine health incense project of Guangxi Xinda to settle in the Chinese medicine flowers and incense industry characteristic industrial park of the town. At present, the project construction is progressing in an orderly manner.

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