Nanning Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine helps enterprises on tariffs exemption


According to news from Nanning Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, in order to enhance the validity of the visa of certificate of origin (CO) to serve the local economy, the bureau has taken the initiative to visit the enterprises inside the jurisdiction to help them know preferential tariffs for the export products and promote the export of products.

According to statistics, the bureau has issued 2,146 copies of various types of COs in total in the first quarter of this year. The value is about 140 million US dollars and reduced tariffs of about 4.32 million US dollars for export enterprises.

For the enterprises with exporting needs in the jurisdiction, Nanning Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine has compiled List on Preferential Tariffs Exemption in Place of Origin, List of Nanning Jurisdiction on Preferential Tariffs of Major Export Products and others combining the actual situation of export enterprises in Nanning City to help the enterprises obtain tariffs exemption with certificate of origin.

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