First 38 modern service industry clusters of Guangxi announced


On March 2, Guangxi Development and Reform Commission announced the list of the first 38 autonomous regional modern service industry clusters of nine categories, nine clusters of which are in Nanning. The first 38 modern service industry clusters completed a total investment of 225.1 billion yuan in 2017 and promoted the rapid development of service industry all over Guangxi.

There are nine clusters from Nanning in the list, ranking first among all cities in Guangxi. These clusters involve science and technology, commerce, finance, information technology, elderly care and etc. Only Nanning Wuxiang New District Financial Cluster is listed as one of the finance and commerce clusters in the list. This cluster relies mainly on the Financial Street in its headquarters in Wuxiang New District. It’s estimated that the Financial Street will achieve about 24 billion yuan added value of service industry and total tax revenue of 3 billion yuan by 2020.

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