Ministry of Agriculture issues “‘13th Five-year’ Plan for Development of National Offshore Fishery Industry”


The Ministry of Agriculture recently issued the "‘13th Five-year’ Plan for the Development of National Offshore Fishery Industry", which clearly specified the development strategy, basic principles, major objectives, industry layout and key tasks of the offshore fishery industry during the “13th five-year” period. The “Plan” states that by 2020, the total number of the offshore fishing vessels of the country should be within 3,000, and the access threshold for enterprises should be strictly controlled and continuously improved to maintain “zero growth” in the number of offshore fishery enterprises on the basis of that of 2016 and to foster a group of modern offshore fishery enterprises with international competitiveness.

The "Plan" points out that China's offshore fishery has achieved remarkable achievement since its launching in 1985, especially during the "12th five-year" period. At the same time, major changes have taken place in the management of international marine fishery. The offshore fishery requires an urgent transformation from its traditional development mode, and it will face a series of severe challenges in further development. The “13th five-year” is a crucial phase for our country to transform from a big offshore fishery power to a strong one. The growing economic strength of the state, the implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative, and the growing demand for high quality aquatic products by the domestic and foreign aquatic product markets provide new opportunities for the development of the industry.

The “Plan” clearly specifies the general strategy for the development of offshore fishery in the “13th five-year” period and requires to firmly establish the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, opening up and sharing", speed up the change of development mode, promote transformation and upgrading, stabilize the fleet size, improve quality and efficiency, strengthen standardized management, strengthen international cooperation, enhance international image and strive to build an offshore fishery industry system with reasonable layout, excellent equipment, complete facilities, safe production and standardized management, and promote standard and orderly development of China's offshore fishery under the open environment.


The “Plan” has set out the regional and industrial layout of offshore fishery during the “13th five-year” period, and required to stabilize and optimize oceanic fishery in international waters, consolidate and enhance the cross sea fishery, and actively participate in the polar fisheries. It has also classified and laid out the open sea fishery of tuna, the cross sea fisheries in Asia, Africa, and Latin American countries as well as the Antarctic and Arctic fisheries. Moreover, it has identified 7 key tasks of offshore fishery industry, including enhancing standardized management, strengthening supervision on safe production, improving equipment, promoting the construction of offshore fishery bases, extending industry chain, enhancing scientific and technological support, deepening international fishery cooperation.

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