China-ASEAN Expo to bring in more business opportunities


The 2017 China-ASEAN Expo will exhibit more markedly improved products and projects to the public with focus on “Upgrading Innovation” and “Advanced Manufacture”. Advanced Technology Exhibition Area will give play to the role of leading innovation and driving economic and trade cooperation, exhibiting the contents of the industries that reflect China’s technological innovation level and foreign cooperation achievements in science and technology, such as advanced intelligent manufacturing, smart city and innovation and entrepreneurship. Exhibition areas such as Electricity and New Energy, Food Processing and Packaging Machinery, and Construction Materials will present products and technology projects that are more innovative, more cutting-edge and more promising, which will bring better exhibition experience and more business opportunities to domestic and foreign customers.

During the Expo, business activities such as investment environment promotions of ASEAN member states, CAEXPO Investment Cooperation Roundtable Meeting and ASEAN Industrial Park Investment Attraction Conference will be held to further promote the professional level of the CAEXPO and the economic and trade effect of participating merchants.

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