Nanguang railway economic belt boosts development in Nanning


With issuance of the Development Plan for Nanguang Railway Economic Belt(2016-2025) (the Plan for short), Nanning will be more active to adopt the Nanguang Railway to extend and level up cooperation with Guangdong Province. In addition, municipal authority will provide people with opportunities and benefits in terms of transportation, economics, tourism and industrial development.

The Plan stipulated that all parties concerned shall accelerate integrated construction of transportation infrastructure inclusive of railway, highway, air transport, water carriage and urban subway, so as to establish an integrated transportation network.

The Plan pointed out that the local authorities shall optimize industrial layout of the Nanguang Railway economic belt and construct two hi-tech industry and modern service industry clusters in Nanning and Guangzhou respectively. It would focuse on development of high tech industry, financial service, e-commerce, commercial exhibition, technological service, etc. The economic belt is expected to become a key base for transportation, logistics, trade, financial service and technological innovation as well.

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