Nanning Deepens Reform of Commercial System


Nanning Municipal Government has recently held a regular government press conference to inform the progress of Nanning’s efforts to deepen the reform of commercial system and the achieved results in the economic development of Nanning.

Since the implementation of Nanning’s reform of commercial system 3 years ago, the business sector has been making efforts to create a relaxed and convenient entry environment, fair and efficient business environment and normative the ordered market environment. The number of market entity continues growing rapidly, and the annual growth accounts for nearly thirty percent of the region.

Next, Nanning will accelerate the reform of "multiple certificates in one" registration system, continue to promote the electronic business license and entire electronic process for registration, comprehensively strengthen the interim and ex-post regulation and create a fair competitive market environment. Nanning will further deepen the reform of commercial system to fully serve the mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

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