Implementation Opinions of People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Supporting Development and Opening up of Key Areas along Border (Outline)


I. Further promote Prospering Frontier and Enriching People Action to achieve a steady, safe and prosperous frontier.

(1) Support inhabitants on the frontier to achieve a steady, safe and prosperous frontier.

(2) Improve the level of basic public services.

(3) Enhance the level of international law enforcement cooperation in border areas.

II. Reform the system and mechanism to promote the facilitation of factor mobility.

(1) Further simplify administrative procedures and delegate powers to lower levels.

(2) Increase the facilitation level of customs clearance.

(3) Improve the facilitation level of investment.

(4) Facilitate personnel exchanges.

(5) Promote transport facilitation.

III. Adjust the trade structure to vigorously promote the transformation of trade patterns.

(1) Promote the transformation and upgrade of foreign trade.

(2) Lead trade services to accelerate development.

IV. Implement differentiated support policy to promote the development of characteristic and competitive industries.

(1) Implement differentiated industrial policy.

(2) Explore ways to set up Industrial Development (Venture Capital) Fund for key areas along the border.

(3) Strengthen the protection of lands for industrial projects.

(4) Strengthen labor protection.

V. Promote the open level of tourism to promote the prosperity and development of border tourism.

(1) Reform the management system of border tourism.

(2) Research and develop cross-border tourism cooperation zone.

(3) Explore the construction of border tourism experimental area.

(4) Strengthen the construction of tourism supporting capacity.

VI. Strengthen infrastructure construction to improve the level of support and guarantee.

(1) Accelerate the construction of interconnection projects outside the border.

(2) Speed up the construction of interconnection projects inside the border.

(3) Strengthen the coverage of air services in border city.

(4) Strengthen the construction of port infrastructure.

(5) Promote the construction of integrated control facility projects across the border.

VII. Increase fiscal and tax support to promote economic and social development by leaps and bounds.

(1) Increase the scale of fiscal transfer payments in the autonomous region.

(2) Strengthen the support of special fund in the autonomous region.

(3) Implement differentiated subsidy policy.

(4) Increase tax preference.

VIII. Encourage financial innovation and opening up to improve the level of financial service.

(1) Accelerate the pioneering comprehensive reform of the border finance.

(2) Broaden the financing ways and channels.

(3) Perfect the finance organization system.

(4) Encourage innovation of financial products and services.

(5) Prevent financial risks.

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