Seizing unlimited business opportunities to invest in Nanning


Investing in Nanning will harvest the future. During the 15th China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO), Nanning signed 88 projects with a total investment of 50.31 billion yuan.

Of these, eight projects were signed at the expo, with a total investment of 3.289 billion yuan; four projects were signed at the forum activities of Guangxi, with a total investment of 1.34 billion yuan. In addition, many counties (districts) and development zones have also carried out colorful economic and trade activities and signed numerous cooperation projects. What behinds these wonderful data is that Nanning has gained the trust of enterprises and investors.

In the future, Nanning City will play the role of a super contact for industrial transfer between China and ASEAN countries, and strive to become a place for Chinese enterprises to invest in ASEAN countries, a support area for technology services and a settlement place for trade.

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