China-ASEAN Art Show themed by “Brilliant Works on Silk Road” held


The opening ceremony of China-ASEAN Art Show, which is named “Brilliant Works on the Silk Road” and a key activity of China-ASEAN (Nanning) Theater Week, has recently been held in Nanning Museum.

It is reported that the show will include three parts, namely, the joint art show of China and ASEAN countries, the annual touring exhibition at celebrities’ memorials, and the 110th anniversary of the birth of Chinese drama. The joint art show of China and ASEAN countries showcased the wonderful works of artists from five countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and China. More than 30 kinds of pictures and over 50 kinds of handicrafts, which include oil painting, watercolor, folk arts and handicrafts, etc., highlighted uniqueness and diversity of traditional art in different countries. Moreover, they demonstrated the pursuit and ideals of modern and contemporary artists from China and ASEAN countries, and impressed the audiences with the profound history and creativity of these countries.

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