Nanning Witnesses Increase of 44.62 Billion Yuan in Tertiary Industry Added Value in First Quarter


Nanning witnesses an increase of 44.62 billion yuan in added value of tertiary industry in the first quarter of this year, which takes up 55.25% of municipal GDP, with a year-on-year increase of 8.2% which is 0.4% higher than that of the principal level. Speaking of details, the finance, modern logistics, e-commerce, information services, trade, exhibition service and other service industries are under the prosperous development and with sound momentum. Therefore, the development of tertiary industry of Nanning has played an increasingly important and leading role in promoting the economic development.

In the next stage, as to tertiary industry, Nanning shall focus on forging a China-ASEAN key regional modern service central city, shall spare no efforts to boost development of tertiary industry, shall play the leading role for promoting steady growth, structural readjustment, further reform and peoples’ better livelihood, and shall strive to increase the added value of tertiary industry in Nanning by 8.5% or above.

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