Nanning active in application work for modern characteristic agricultural demonstration zone


In order to ensure the application work for the 4th batch of modern characteristic agricultural demonstration zones, a team composed of responsible personnel went to Xingning District, Mashan County, Shanglin County, Binyang County and Guangxi-ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone respectively to conduct construction supervision work in recent days.

The team went to such demonstration zones that intended to apply for provincial-level evaluations as Xingning Shaping Vegetable Industry Demonstration Zone, Mashan Qiaoli Fruit and Vegetable Industry Demonstration Zone, Shanglin Hetian Ecological Recreational Agriculture Demonstration Zone, Binyang Guihe Modern Silkworm Industry Demonstration Zone, and Ningwu City Agricultural (Core) Demonstration Zone of Guangxi-ASEAN Economic Development Zone. The team listened to briefings made by persons in charge of the application work of the zones, conducted in-depth analysis and study over existing problems, and made suggestions in guiding the application work of the zones.

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