E-commerce industry becoming new highlight on economic developments


It is learned from Nanning Bureau of Commerce that in the first quarter of 2017, the E-commerce transaction volume from the key enterprises in Nanning reached RMB 60 billion yuan, which indicated that the agglomeration and driving effects from the E-commerce industry were increasingly enhanced and played an active role in promoting the changes in economic development modes and enhancing the urban economic competitiveness, and that the E-commerce industry is becoming a new highlight on Nanning's economic developments.

As refer to the competition activities, Nanning has held three E-commerce Venture Competitions in the past three years, from which a batch of venture projects stand out and were successively under commercial operations.

As refer to the cooperation between schools and enterprises, based on the human resources from universities, industrial organizations and large-scale E-commerce enterprises, the Nanning Bureau of Commerce established the E-commerce Public Service Platform of Nanning and set up an E-commerce Expert Database of Nanning for the provision of services on E-commerce project reviews and E-commerce trainers.

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