Administration for Industry & Commerce of Nanning Carries out Special Rectification on Enterprises Suspected of Illegal Fund Raising


Recently, Administration for Industry & Commerce of Nanning conducts a two-month illegal fund-raising risk special rectification action to crack down on suspected illegal fund-raising enterprises.

It is understood that the Administration for Industry & Commerce of Nanning will carry out risk investigation and key rectification on those situations of no office, no office staff and not in conformity with registration information, or that the people with residence registration of illegal fund-raising hot-spot areas locally register their enterprises of Internet, finance and other high-risk industries, that enterprises of high-risk industries outside Nanning set up branches in Nanning not according to the provisions of enterprise registration and filing. It will also carry out spot checks and remediation with competent departments of relevant industries on those enterprises not operated at the registered address and those listed abnormal business.

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