NNDA Holds Economic Operation Analysis Meeting of First Quarter


On May 9, 2017, National Nanning Economic & Technological Development Area (NNDA) holds Economic Operation Analysis Meeting of the first quarter in 2017. The meeting conveyed the spirit of the working meeting on investment and project construction of Guangxi, summarized the works of the area in the first quarter, analyzed current economic operation and arranged future works.

According to the meeting, NNDA should comprehensively analyze the problems of its existing industrial lands, and takes measures to invigorate existing land resources to reserve development space for high-quality projects and overcome the development bottleneck of the area. Besides, the area should thoroughly investigate inefficient urban construction land within its jurisdiction, take a series of supporting preferential policies or measures regarding revitalizing the existing industrial land to improve the economical and intensive utilization, and make overall arrangements to the development and utilization of existing state-owned construction land.

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