Nanning Makes Progress while Maintaining Stability in Commerce and Trade in 2016


Since 2016, by adhering to the general work guideline of maintaining stable growth, carrying out reform, making structural adjustments and benefiting the people, Nanning Business System has placed emphasis on fostering a sound environment for development, coordinately promoted modern commerce and trade services including modern logistics and e-commerce, channeled greater efforts on work relating to commerce and trade and benefiting the people. As a result, progress has been achieved while stability ensured in Nanning’s commerce and trade, and notable achievements have been registered in business.

In 2016, the achievements in Nanning’s business mainly were “an international exhibition held, two demonstrations gained, six stable growth achieved and eight business work ensured”. Besides, Nanning has been honored for the first prize in four consecutive years among all Guangxi’s business work.

Looking forward to 2017, Nanning shall continue to maintain the general work guideline of making progress while keeping stability, adhere to “three centers and three focuses” and promote all business-related work in a holistic way.

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