2015 Nanning Confucius Cultural Festival Commenced


In the night of Mid-Autumn Festival, the "Six Arts of Confucianism • Moon Appreciation in Confucius Temple" Mid-Autumn garden party, blended with Confucian culture classic, was held in the Confucius Temple in Nanning, formally opening the 2015 Nanning Confucius Cultural Festival.

Confucius Temple is a comprehensive place of Confucian culture which, with particular prominent status and significance, carries the responsibility to inherit and carry forward traditional Chinese culture,. The garden party initiates with the reading of "Analects", which is with subtle euphemism but profound meaning. All visitors listen to the teaching of the sage from thousands of years ago. With the performances, interactive activities, experience and other items, the essence of Six Arts of Confucianism were shown vividly to enable the visitors to appreciate the profound Confucian culture.

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