10th China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo Kicked off


The 10th China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo themed “Eco-Expo, Green Life” kicked off in Wuhan on Sept. 25, and Nanning Garden was also ready to open to the public.


Nanning Garden, also named Jin Garden, is 2480 m2 big built with 5 million yuan. The whole garden is designed to show the picturesque landscape in Guangxi that is the happy home to Zhuang People. Zhuang brocade is the highlight against the backdrop of the natural landscape. The symbols often seen on Zhuang brocade and the coupled cultural essence are turned into scenes merged into the garden that is like a brocade itself. The 4 parts, namely attracting hills, love for hometown, rice aroma and dreams, express the closeness and harmony between Zhuang People and the natural environment as well as the natural properties of Zhuang brocade. The affections of Zhuang People for their nature and their life is embedded in the whole garden, the ideal home in their mind.


Nanning Garden is decorated with many evergreen trees suitable for the climate of Wuhan, such as camphor trees, elaeocarpus apiculatus, magnolia grandiflora, together with some plants such as Chinese crinum and yucca to create interspersed structure for better enjoyment.

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