China runs daily trains from Chongqing to Singapore


The No.79748 container train departed from East Station of Qinzhou Port on July 18, which marked the beginning of daily inter-city trains between cities around Beibu Gulf and Chongqing. This is also the beginning of daily trains between China and Singapore, which will speed up trades between coastal and landlocked countries and areas.

The China-Singapore Southern Transport Corridor refers to a complex logistics corridor constructed by provinces (regions) and cities of western China, like Guangxi and Chongqing and other ASEAN countries, like Singapore, through various transportation ways, like railways, highways, and water carriages. The Southern Transport Corridor, integrating regional and international cooperation, is a new trading corridor for coastal and landlocked countries and areas. In addition, it has obvious advantage in timeliness, and routing from Chongqing to Singapore via this corridor takes only 55 hours with a railway-shipping combined mode, which takes less time (12 days) than other traditional ways, like water carriage.

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