Nanning holds seminar on management of special fund direct equity investment of Beibu Gulf


On the afternoon of March 1, 2018, Chen Zhigang, Deputy Director of Nanning Beibu Gulf Office, presided over a seminar on the management of direct investment in the Beibu Gulf special funds. The leaders of various counties and districts, development zones, relevant municipal departments, and municipal platform companies attended the forum.

The Administrative Measures stipulates that the project to be invested must comply with the national industrial policy and has been included in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone's major industrial support project information library. In principle, it should belong to the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone's eight hundred billion yuan industry and key complementary chains of industry chain, supporting facilities as well as projects, strategic emerging industries and high-tech projects. The Beibu Gulf Office of the Autonomous Region arranges part of the funds to directly invest in industrial projects from the special funds for the development of key industries in the area. Essentially, the direct investment funds make better use of fiscal funds, and they are not aimed at profitability or control the company. The direct subsidized funds are optimized to recyclable investment funds, so as to give play to the guiding role of the financial capital and its lever function.

In the next step, Nanning Beibu Gulf Office will, in accordance with the work arrangement of the Beibu Gulf Office of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, organize direct investment projects for each county, district and development zone adhering to the requirements of the Administrative Measures and take the initiative to strengthen the reporting and connection with the autonomous region's office so as to obtain more Beibu Gulf special funds for direct investment in Nanning.

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