Activity of “2017 Flying Song of the Earth” brings strongest voice in harmony


On the evening of September 12th, the 19th session of the Nanning International Folk Song Festival, "2017 Flying Song of the Earth” was held in Guangxi Sports Center Stadium. With the theme of “Silk Road of Landscape and Paintings of Folk Songs", the activity has brought the strongest voice in harmony of Chinese multi-ethnics and ASEAN countries in the green mountains and rivers.

The program and landscape painting boast innovation arrangement and organic integration in visual transmission on the folk culture characteristics and world multi-ethnic elements and culture of "The Belt and Road” initiative.

The stage of this year is also very distinctive. The creative LED of the architectural features of ASEAN countries combined with the main screen and the ring screen, which reflects the theme of "Silk Road of Landscape and Paintings of Folk Songs". The stage with the combination of multi-ethnic culture and fashion trend makes the audience experience the cultures of the folk songs of Guangxi and other countries in the world.

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