Route of 2018 GREE-Tour of Guangxi announced


Recently, the Guangxi Sports Bureau announced the route of the six sections of the 2018 GREE-Tour of Guangxi, which will be held in five cities in Guangxi, including Beihai, Qinzhou and Nanning. It is reported that the competition distance is 925.2km and the transfer distance is 323km. Consequently, the total distance is 1,248.2km.

Among them, the route involved Nanning City will be in third and fourth sections of the race. The third section of the race is Nanning Round-robin Tournament on October 18th, and the route is: Minzu Square (starting point) – Minzu Avenue – Jiangbei Avenue – Libin Avenue – Qinghuan Road – Tongguling Road – Fengling Interchange – Minzu Avenue – Minzu Square (end point). The total distance is four times of the single circle’s distance, which is 31.82km*4=127.3km. The fourth section of the race will be held on October 19th from Nanning to Mashan (195km to Liuzhou after the race). The race route is: Nanning Qingxiu Wanda Plaza (starting point) – Xiangzhu Avenue – Xiuxiang Avenue – Anji Avenue – National Avenue G210 – Xiangshan Avenue of Wuming District – National Avenue G210 – Xinxing Avenue of Mashan County – County Avenue X488 – Township Avenue Y013 – China Nongla (Mashan) scenic spot (end point). The race distance is 155.2km.

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