Activities to Celebrate Double Third Day Held In Jiangnan District


Diversified activities were held in Jiangnan District to celebrate the Double Third Day.

The 2017 intangible cultural heritage exhibition themed as Ethic Customs of Double Third Day commenced on March 30. Activities on the occasion included intangible cultural heritage exhibition on history and customs of Double Third Day, exciting sport games, bamboo pole dance attented by thousands of people, etc. They enhanced social comprehension of intangible cultural heritages, and rasied people’s awareness to mine, inherit and protect them.

During March 30 to April 1, the Zhuang people’s folk song fairs were held in Yangmei Ancient Town, Shajing Sub-District and the village of Mazishepo. Local people celebrated the Double Third Day via performning folk songs, sketches and Shigong Drama in Pinghua dialect, which helped to carry forward the excellent national culture.

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