China-ASEAN Micro-film Exhibition Held


The 2015 China-ASEAN (Nanning) Theatre Week was officially open at Nanning Theater. China-ASEAN micro-film exhibition, as one of a series of activities, was also held at the Minzu Cinema on Sept. 12.

Since the start of micro-film exhibition in May, a wave of competition was quickly set off in micro film industry in ASEAN countries and supported by the majority of film enthusiasts, receiving a total of over 150 films from Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. After the preliminary and final review, a total of 20 films won 7 individual awards such as best film award, best director, best screenplay, etc. The prize films entered the micro-film broadcasting section of China-ASEAN (Nanning) Theatre Week, and were shown in Minzu Cinema. Some outstanding films will be recommended to be shown on the municipal media.

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