The 6th China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum to Be Held on Sep 19


It’s learned from Guangxi Land & Resources Department that the 6th China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum will be held on Sep 19 in Nanning with the theme of “Enhancing Mining Cooperation, Promoting Economic Development along Maritime Silk Road”.


Having been held for five times in Nanning since 2010, the event has attracted 4,580 people representing over 2,300 mining departments, enterprises, industry and business associations, financial and research institutes and service providers from China, ASEAN members and other countries and regions. 817 projects were promoted and 85 contracts were signed during the last five events. As the largest mining event co-organized by China and ASEAN countries, China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum has been identified by China Land & Resources Ministry as one of the two annual mining events in China, with China Mining Congress & Expo held in Tianjin as the other.

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