Ethnic Snack Show to Warm up ASEAN International Gourmet Festival


On July 31, Guangxi Ethnic Snack Show organized by Guangxi Cuisine and Catering Industry Association was took place in Nanning Shuijie Gourmet Town, a preheat for ASEAN International Gourmet Festival to be held in Nanning in September.

Over 150 kinds of Guangxi local food were displayed that day. Chefs also demonstrated the processing of Gongcheng County Oil Tea, green bean cakes and so on. The Show attracted a large number of citizens and visitors. A visitor from Hunan Province marveled at the snack show after sampling Mid-Guangxi flavor snacks, “Guilin can be anywhere in Guangxi. Today I can in this place taste originally-flavored food, which is really a worthwhile visit.”

Zeng Dawen, director of Guangxi Cuisine and Catering Industry Association, said, local unique snacks are an important part of catering culture. Exploring, inheriting and innovating Guangxi time-honored snacks will contribute to formatting the catering system of Guangxi local food and creating special food brands for tourists.

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