2016 Graphene Industry • Technology Summit Forum to be Held in Nanning


On August 18, it is reported from the press briefing that the 2016 Graphene Industry • Technology Summit Forum was held in Nanning from August 22 to 24.

This forum aims to build an exchange and cooperation platform for domestic and foreign distinguished scientists and entrepreneurs within the fields of graphene materials, other two-dimensional materials, carbon nanotubes, etc. The forum include reports, sessions, the 14th Cross-strait Symposium on Carbon Materials, corporate visits, project negotiations, etc., covering the basic theory of graphene, controllable preparation of macro preparation, application excellent physical and chemical properties, application and development of carbon nanotubes, opportunities and challenges in industrialization, the future graphene market and industry chain, etc. Project investment invitation, trade exhibitions and exchange and forums poster display are also held.

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