First batch of overseas exhibits for CAEXPO reach Nanning


In Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center recently, 3 fully-loaded container trucks slowly crossed the customs gateway at a whistle of a coordinator, announcing the successful arrival of the first batch of overseas exhibits for the CAEXPO at Nanning.

The successful arrival and customs clearance of the first batch of overseas exhibits for the CAEXPO at Nanning marked that the customs supervision service for the 15th CAEXPO was officially launched and the CAEXPO this year has entered into the stage of exhibit arrangement, according to Xu Jun, Deputy Director of Yongzhou Customs District. Indicated by the information received, the quantity of overseas exhibits this year will increase by 30%, compared with that of last year, which are mainly traditional goods from Southeast Asia. It represents that exhibitors are more willing to join and will bring more diversified varieties of exhibits. The customs will constantly serve the CAEXPO, launch 24-hour clearance service and rapidly deal with customs clearance procedures upon arrival of goods, so as to ensure that their clearance is smooth and exhibits are arranged as scheduled.

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