China-ASEAN Exposition becomes striking “City ID” of Guangxi


It was learned from the secretariat of China-ASEAN Exposition that on April 10th, a forum themed with “Sharing New Opportunities of Silk Road and Creating New Business Opportunities” of China-ASEAN Exposition was held in Urumchi, Xinjiang Province, attracting over 20 well-know enterprises to explored the achievements and experience of domestic and ASEAN markets with the platform of China-ASEAN Exposition and talked about new cooperation opportunities.

It was learned from the meeting that this China-ASEAN Exposition would keep high standards and hold a series of activities of the 15th anniversary, including to plant trees of friendship by leaders from China and ASEAN, China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Association to found convention for celebrating the 15th anniversary of China-ASEAN Exposition’s strategic partnership, and exhibition for the 15th -anniversary economic and trading achievements. In terms of exhibition, it would highlight the proportion of innovative products, hold abutment activities among economy and trade, capacity etc., hold over 30 high-level seminars concerning fields including information port, and provide more business opportunities for cooperative partners.

In recent years, China-ASEAN Exposition has helped domestic and foreign enterprises to explore China and ASEAN markets, gaining great achievements. Currently, China-ASEAN Exposition has become a striking “City ID” in Guangxi and an important platform for the cooperation between China and ASEAN.

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