Guangxi agricultural enterprises compete in ASEAN nations


According to Department of Agriculture of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with the establishment and upgrading of China-ASEAN free trade zone and the “Belt & Road” initiative, more and more competitive enterprises in Guangxi have “stepped out” of the region, to develop crop raw material production and agricultural product processing industry in ASEAN countries, and actively participate in international trade of agricultural products.

As is reported, overseas agricultural investments of Guangxi enterprises are mainly concentrated in Southeast Asian countries, like Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos. These enterprises operate in various forms, including establishing agricultural development bases, processing raw materials, exporting technology, setting up cooperation and agricultural product processing zones. For example, Guangxi Hengbaofeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is building an agricultural cooperation demonstration area in Bawley, Cambodia to carry out rice cultivation, comprehensive planting on rice fields, rice processing and other projects.

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