Sainyabuli Province attends China–ASEAN Expo as “City of Charm” of Laos


It is known from the Secretariat of China-ASEAN Expo that, Sainyabuli Province will attend the 14th China–ASEAN Expo held from September 12th to 15th in Nanning with the identity of “City of Charm” of Laos for the first time.

Sainyabuli Province has a wealth of wood and lignite resources, also known as the "rice basket” in the north of Laos with important crops including double-season rice, peanuts, cotton, beans, etc. In addition, Sainyabuli Province is the area with the largest number of elephants in Laos, thus its annual "elephant festival" has become a major boost to the development of local tourism.

According to officials from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Laos, which is also a co-organizer of China-ASEAN Expo, Sainyabuli Province will hold a series of activities such as theme activity and promotion meeting for the city and actively communicate with other cities during the 14th China–ASEAN Expo, to introduce beautiful its natural scenery, rich natural resources and great cooperation opportunities to the guests.

The data showed that up to the 13th China–ASEAN Expo, Laos has had 8 provinces (cities) showing their charm on the Expo. Through the theme of "City of Charm" in the China–ASEAN Expo, Laos has demonstrated the advantageous resources in tourism, trade, investment, agriculture, education and mineral resource development, and effectively promoted the multi-field and in-depth cooperation between Laos and China as well as other ASEAN cities.

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